Workshop v. Ateeka


Ateeka kommer til Zensitivyoga tirsdag d.14.november og tilbyder 2 workshops.

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Vi glæder os meget!

Workshop 1.

Essential Oils for Yoga  a YogaSOMATICS approach for deeper connection to the world of plants

Ateeka is delighted to guide you in  a practice-oriented, hands-on class that will give you down-to-earth tools for how to wisely and CREATIVELY include the use of essential oils in a healing oriented way.  

We will connect to the plant kingdom as our guide into this journey . . . learning from the shape, feel, territory, scent and growing conditions of some beautiful plant-based essential oil.   

There are many ways that we can use essential oils in a class setting to help ourselves and our students to connect more deeply with breath and an authentic first-person experience in the body (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

You will learn how to open to the more subtle realms of essential oil energy . . . and also make a special blend in the class that you can take home with you!
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200 kr. per person - all materials provided
Workshop 2.

ROOTS & WINGS:  Contacting Life Energy

YogaSOMATICS workshop with Ateeka

at  ZENSITIV YOGA in Silkeborg

Through the principles of YogaSOMATICS,  we will explore movement and breath work that facilitates a naturally free flowing energy in your own living body and introspective practices that help us to embody and contain this energy.

Being in deep contact with your own movement can help to create a sensation of wide calm, more energy and a connection and appreciation for LIFE.

Through movement, yoga asana, breathing and relaxation techniques, we will explore:

-Asana and somatic movements for bringing awareness to the entire spine and enhancing awareness of its own natural wave-like movements and fluid tides.

-A practice of “myofascial unwinding”  that softly and gently helps to restore your myofascial/connective tissue to a state of healthy natural resiliency.  

-Deep relaxation and healing breathing practices that attune your awareness towards the movements of your physical and energetic body.

Our movements are soft and gentle for the body, so this workshop is open to all adults of any level of experience and physical ability.  Teachers and experienced yoga practitioners will find this evening inspiring and will give new input for your existing practice.

Time: 17.30-20.30

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Price: 350 kr - Pay with cash when you arrive at the studio